So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to move. Why now? Because the market is hot and getting hotter. And while you're thinking about it, there's 10 others that have already dropped an offer on a smoking hot deal that could have been yours, profit that could've been in your pocket - that's why!

We here at PRS have an acronym for NOW. You'd be wise to remember it.  

                                N O W . . . " No Opportunity Wasted."

‚ÄčWHO WE ARE Since you are doing some investigating, let's start with the basics: Who, What, When & Why. Now, I know you are asking yourself "Who is PRS?"  PRS is a group of investors, like yourself, with literally decades of experience & expertise in just about every aspect of real estate investing.  All of it necessary to be not only competitive, but dominant in the market. Consider us your All-Star Team in the major league of real estate and we're in the World Series. Do you think you're going to win the game just because you have an All-Star pitcher? Or in this case, an All-Star realtor? No! You need a world class team with major league brokers, major league investors, major league lenders, title and escrow, major league contractors. People who have a proven track record of success demonstrating years of experience and knowledge in their respective fields. You then need seasoned managers to manage, not only the people, but the projects. Someone with the expertise to pull it all together. And that you have with Team PRS.

ACCESS Now, you may be asking "What does all this mean to you?" Access my friend. Access to a well seasoned team of experts, your "Power Team." Access to assets, a myriad of commercial and residential properties, generated by a nationwide network of lead generating sources. Access to virtually unlimited funds, foreign and domestic, for those smoking hot deals. Access to rehabbers, contractors, developers, those who can assist you in building your empire. You now have access to key people in key places. More importantly, you now have access to opportunity. Opportunity for the chance of success. Funny thing about opportunity, it is what you do with it that determines your chances for success. The better you're prepared, the better your chances. Working with the years of expertise and experience, failures and successes of the PRS Partnership will increase those chances. If I may share with you a quote, along with a little paraphrasing, from the master salesman and world reknown motivator Zig Ziglar, "Success is what happens when opportunity collides with preparation."

WHAT WE DO  Well, we are what you would consider a

"One Stop Shop" a completely vertical company with the ability to take projects from beginning to end. I believe the buzzword these days is "Arbitrage." I prefer "Facilitator," someone who makes things happen. And that's exactly what we do. Matching people with projects, investors with assets, all for the sole purpose of turning a profit, making everyone happy. So, whether you are a "Newby" just breaking into real estate, finding deals and wholesaling them, or a seasoned savvy investor developing projects from ground up, we can and do make it happen.  We have the teams, connections, capabilities and network, not only locally or nationally, but globally, to find success in whatever your venture. 

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