FIX IT  Here at PRS Partnership we have a saying, "There's less sweat rehabbing the paper than rehabbing the property." Now, there are those of you who love the smell of fresh cut lumber in the morning with hammers pounding and buzz saws going off in the background.  Maybe light clean & rinse rehabs are your interest.  Or for you more adventurous, maybe developing a project from ground up is more your speed.  Whatever your niche, we have the crews and capabilities to bring your dreams to fruition.  Trying to do it on your own, without knowledge and years of experience would be a nightmare and a huge mistake.  Even for experienced contractors, major rehabs, let alone developing, can be a major challenge.  But working with our seasoned crews, aspirin should be kept to a minimum.

For those of you who don't know the difference between a hammer and a hacksaw, prefer sporting a suit & tie while sipping on a hazelnut latte, "Rehabbing the Paper" may suit you better.  After years of smashed thumbs and hundreds of splinters, I finally traded in my hammer for a suit & tie.  We specialize in working with distressed sellers and/or properties, specifically those in foreclosure and/or out of state owners.  Here is where we separate ourselves from the average investor and take a higher road.  Rather than preying upon those less fortunate, claiming to want to help them by buying the home they have lived in for the past 30 years for literally pennies on the dollar, we actually structure the deal that truly is a "win, win, win" situation for all those involved.

FUND IT OK, now that you've found the "smoking hot off-market" deal, how are you going to fund it? I'm assuming you don't have 10's of thousands of dollars for deposit money or even thousands for "skin in the game" earnest money.  We do.  Number one reason why deals fail is due to lack of funds.  Not here.  With our global partners, we literally have more money than Fort Knox.  So, when we sing the investor's song "All cash offers and quick closes," we can and we do.  Now, there are times that it is more profitable to leverage our funds using a lender.  In that event, due to our relationships and sheer volume of business, the lenders we work with extend us the best possible rate with up to 100% financing, including acquisition, rehab & fees. An added bonus is that financing is based on the deal, not the borrower's personal credit.  If you learn one thing by visiting this site, remember these (3) things. . . never personally sign for any loan, never use your own credit and never, ever use your own money.  That's why you have cash buyers and lenders, so you don't have to.

FIND IT  ​These days, it seems that most investors are screaming "Where are the deals!?" Gone are the days of endless REOs and short sales take too long, even if you know what you're doing.  And finding deals on the MLS or Loopnet is like winning the lottery.  Everyone is playing and only one in a million winning.  So, in order to find these elusive "Off Market" deals consistently, we've amassed an army of lead generating sources to scour the country in specific target rich markets. And no, they're not all ugly homes either. Some are pretty "Ugly Ass Homes." See our site. You'll understand.

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​FLIP IT  Everyone's favorite, making money.  Well, actually we make money in the acquisition.  Flipping it just proves whether or not it was a smoking hot deal and just how much you really know the business. So, let's see, you acquired a piece of property and funded a wholesale deal or some sort of rehab.  Now, you're ready to "flip it."  We can do this several ways.  Wholesale it by assigning it to another investor, who will in turn rehab it.  We could have rehabbed it ourselves and received a handsome return by selling it at a retail level to an owner-occupied end buyer, or we hold onto the property for positive cash flow by leasing it out.  Never ever rent. Tenants and toilets are a bad investment.  Now we're on to the next one, next 10. Just repeat the process and reap the rewards.