We all know it's all about the deal, and contrary to popular belief, finding them is not a problem if you know how and where to look - and dig deep. Heck, there's no deeper diggers than us. We've developed quite an extensive network, nationwide and globally, of lead sources dedicated to findi that next great deal. One that would rival the major brokerages and system gurus. Marketing campaigns, wholesalers, bird dogs, asset managers, property systems, postal workers, trash collectors, all contribute to finding that next "Smoking Hot Deal."

Whether you're a newby investor looking to assign, a rehabber looking to "Fix & Flip", a developer looking to turn raw land into a high profile project or a "Cash Flow King or Queen", we have your next smoking hot deal, and if we don't, we know exactly how and where to find them. In order to better cater to your investing requirements, we've compiled a brief questionnaire in order to establish your buying criteria. This way we're more efficient in getting the right project in front of you. Nothing more irritating than looking at projects you have no interest in. So, if you're ready for your next "Smoking Hot Deal", hit the button below and let's get to work. 


That's the name of the game, right? Finding that "Smoking Hot Deal" and taking it down. Making that really big score, followed with another after that one. But wait!  How are you going to make that really big score, when there are no deals out there? They say inventory is really low. No more REOs. Short sales take way too long. The Feds this and the banks that. Real estate sucks! Stop listening to all the noise. I say they're looking in all the wrong places. Places everyone and their mother, literally, look and expect to find: MLS, Loopnet, Zillow, Realtor.com. No wonder! You gotta dig deep. And deep is what PRS does. You ask "Where do I buy, our investors buy? Gone are the days of "Location location, location." That's a realtor trying to sell you! We're "Investors!" And I say "Profit, profit profit." and not just in my local backyard in a 30 mile radius.  What is that? Our backyard is the USA. Why? Because America is on sale. And who's buying? Well, if you have to ask....

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